About me

My name is Malin Olofsson and I have a Phd in Marine Sciences at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) since June 2018. Thereafter I worked for one year at SMHI, where after I was in Georgia (US) on a Post doc for two years working with Prof. Mary Ann Moran.

Back in Sweden (2021) I finished my Post doc and after receiving funding from ÅForsk continued as a researcher on SLU in Uppsala where I am now also appointed docent since 2022.

My research interests are within phytoplankton ecology and nutrient fluxes. Since about one year back I specifically focus on algal toxins, especially from cyanobacteria. You can read more about our newly launched algal toxin center on SLU here. We apply an array of different methods to understand toxin occurrence and production, e.g., LC-MS, ELISA, qPCR, species abundance, phycocyanin sensors and satellite imaging, to correlate with various environmental parameters, in order to gain understanding in their diversity and magnitude.

Feel free to contact me at: malin.olofsson@slu.se or
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2018 PhD Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2011 MSc Marine Biology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2009 BSc Marine Biology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Scientific Experience
2019-2022 Post Doc, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
2019-2021 Post Doc, Marine Sciences, University of Georgia, US
2018-2019 Resercher at SMHI, Sweden
2012-2018 PhD Candidate, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2011-2012 Project Assistent, University of Gothenburg, Sweden