Cyanobacteria in the Baltic Sea

During the fall 2018 until summer 2019 I worked as a researcher at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) as researcher in Oceanography. I focused on cyanobacteria and nitrogen fixation in the Baltic Sea. We looked at trends across recent centuries, nitrogen fixation estimates on a large scale based on single cell measurements, and model projections of both Cyanobacteria Biomass and nitrogen fixation in the future. Please feel free to explore related publications (more to come):

Hieronymus J, Eilola K, Olofsson M, Hense I, Meier MEM, Almroth-Rosell E. (2021) Modeling cyanobacteria life cycle dynamics and historical nitrogen fixation in the Baltic Proper. Biogeosciences 18(23): 6213-6227.

Olofsson M, Klawonn I, Karlson B (2021) Nitrogen fixation estimates for the Baltic Sea indicate high rates for the previously overlooked Bothnian Sea. In press for Ambio 50: 2013-214.

Olofsson M, Suikkanen S, Kobos J, Wasmund N, Karlson B (2020) Basin-specific changes in filamentous cyanobacteria community composition across four decades in the Baltic Sea. Harmful Algae 91: 101685.